Our Sessions Program

Our mentorship session program is unique. Sessions are totally child-led and child-driven. We pair your child up with one horse and one or more leaders, depending on your child’s needs. The children are able to choose what they want to do that day during their sessions. It’s not always about the ride but about the relationship built between the horse, the leader, and the child. There are also kiddos who love chickens and don’t want to work with the horses. That’s okay!! The beauty of our program is that the child gets to choose what they need that day and what they would like to do. Each session is 60-90 minutes long, depending on the age of the child. 

ARRYR Liability Release Form

Our insurance requires that every visitor completes a ARRYR release form, regardless of the nature of your visit, once per calendar year.​ If you have any questions or concerns about the release form, please contact us a (479) 586-2548 or email info@arryr.org.

Please note: ​Each child​ on property MUST HAVE a current release form signed by the child’s parent​ or legal guardian in order for him/her to participate in any ranch activity.​​​

Click the button below to download, print out and sign the release form! You’ll need to bring this form in to your next session.